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reuseable metal straw, honeydew boba smoothie

boba tea

You & me like milk & tea..

We start with loose leaf tea, then add various fruits and flavors to create a line of cold brew tea and milk tea, along with a variety of blended drinks. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without adding in freshly cooked boba (we soak ours in brown sugar and honey to give it that irresistible sweetness) or choose from 15+ other toppings like fruit jellies, crystal boba, house-made egg pudding and sea salt crema, and more!

milk tea, taro, matcha, boba, thai tea, honeydew
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Taiwanese shaved snow, strawberries, snow ice, cheesecake, dessert
Taiwanese shaved snow, snow ice, strawberry, ice cream
matcha, Taiwanese shaved snow snow ice, red bean, mochi, dessert, snow fluff

taiwanese snow

“It’s like Hawaiian shaved ice and ice cream had a baby..”

Our shaved snow starts out with a fruit or milk-based block (we make all of ours in house!) and we use a special machine that shaves it into light, fluffy ribbons. In Taiwan, they call it snow ice. Our version is more creamy and milky. It melts in your mouth like ice cream, but with an amazingly light, cloud-like texture.


Then, you can customize it with your choice of toppings and sauces!

bubble waffles

Is that.. edible bubble wrap?

Nope! Although it goes by many names: bubble waffle, puffle, eggette. It’s actually a popular street snack in China, and our recipe is based off this Hong Kong egg waffle. We cook ours fresh to order, (if you haven’t had a warm bubble waffle, OMIGOD) so it’s perfectly crispy on the outside, but chewy, eggy, and slightly sweet on the inside.

Then, we add a scoop of ice cream, toppings, and it’s the craziest looking ice cream cone you’ve ever had!

Bubble waffle, egg waffle, hong kong, puffle, eggete
unicorn waffle, puffle, bubble waffle, cotton candy, ice cream, rainbow, mochi, sprinkles, dessert cone
ice cream, raibow, biodegradeable spoons, sherbert, cookie monster, cotton candy, huckleberry, mint chip

food & snacks

Nom nom nom..

We also have a line of hot snacks, like mini bite-sized lumpia, crispy tofu, cheese curds, fries, and more!

*available at monsta snow Murrieta only

And right next door to our monsta snow Murrieta location is our brand new concept, monsta cafe.

Officially opening in June 2024, monsta cafe will be serving a full menu of asian fusion appetizers, snacks, rice combos, and sando's!

Monsta Cafe-062_edited_edited.jpg
Monsta Cafe-088_edited_edited.jpg
Monsta Cafe-003_edited_edited.jpg
Monsta Cafe-113_edited.jpg
Monsta Cafe-029_edited.jpg
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