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monsta cafe

open daily: 11am-9pm

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asian fusion

a new cafe concept is born..

Located right next door to our first monsta snow location in Murrieta, monsta cafe is our brand new asian fusion cafe, serving hot street snacks like Taiwanese popcorn chicken, mini lumpia, calamari, and more.

But our speciality is taking traditional Asian dishes and adding a new and unique flavor or combining it with another cuisine - like our Corn Cheese Tteok-bokki or Popcorn Chicken w/ Mochi Waffles, for example!

Monsta Cafe-023_edited.jpg

photo credit: @zzwderick

night market vibes

Another store, another hand-painted mural - this time, with a night market theme. Our black and white mural depicts food stalls similar to what you would find in Asia - complete with brightly lit neon signs hung above.

What we like most about night markets, though, is how it brings a community of people together through the love of food. So we built a huge community table in the middle of our cafe so you can enjoy your food in good company beneath a sky full of paper lanterns.


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(items & prices subject to change)
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