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"It's like shaved ice and ice cream had a baby"

Tea and blended drinks

We have a full line of green, black, and milk teas in a variety of flavors. Boba (aka tapioca pearls aka what are those black balls at the bottom of my drink) is optional but highly recommended! They add a delightfully chewy texture to snack on while drinking your freshly brewed tea. We also offer flavored jellies (lychee, mango, and coffee) if boba isn’t your thing.

With so much of the population being lactose intolerant, it is important to offer as many non-dairy options as we can. All of our milk teas (unless noted) are made with non-dairy creamer.

Bubble Waffles
(also known as “puffles”)

What makes these waffles unique is the shape - we use a special waffle iron that gives them their hexagonal shape and bubble-like pockets. They will be cooked fresh to order, ensuring the perfect chewy interior and crispy exterior, then stuffed with ice cream, toppings, fresh fruit, and/or syrups.



Hi! We’re Brian and Laura.


When we first walked into a Taiwanese shaved snow shop, we thought it was the coolest looking dessert we’d ever seen. And tasting it was even better! It was unlike anything we ever had before. The problem was, we lived in Menifee - why should we, or anyone else, have to drive over an hour away to experience the latest dessert trends? So after a LOT of research and testing, we decided to open our own.


But we don’t want to just be “the latest dessert spot” - our main inspiration and hope is to provide a place to bring together the local community. We want to be involved - with you, your school, the whole shebang! We want to be a fun and family-friendly place. Come hang out with us!

The unique texture comes from the specialized shaving machine, which finely shaves the colorful ice blocks into delicious, fluffy ribbons that melt in your mouth like freshly fallen snow.


We then top it with an assortment of syrups, fresh fruit, and various toppings.



/ the Plaza at Silverhawk /
29910 Murrieta hot springs rd, ste p
murrieta, ca 92563
sun-thurs 12-9
fri/sat        12-10